Sunday, 13 January 2013

Mr Stanley

Janet decided it was time to have a new lodger in the house, so here I present to you,  Stanley, aka, Stan the Man! He's not much above 12 months old and already he's taking control around here. But like most kids, the way to calm him down is to keep the television on. He loves to sit and watch and only occasionally jumps at the screen in an attempt to catch some moving object.


Michelle said...

Hi Stanley! I'd tickle his belly if I could do it through the screen. He looks like he's settled in pretty well there.

Sari said...


Weary Hag said...

Great looking li'l new friend you've got there! The cat is truly a marvel. They allow us to love them up, feed them and keep clean their personal space, and all we have to do - in return - is entertain the little honies whenever they're ready. Not a bad deal, eh? Good luck with him. Good to read your blog again.

hOpE said...

hi 'Mate' !!
would u like to guess who this is?!
well!like i was planning am your co-blogger now.
and that cat reminds me of 'crookshanks'!

happy blogging!