Saturday, 29 September 2012

Solitude will not be the same without my furry friend.

Rosie is dead. Janet took her to the vets earlier today. The decision to terminate her life was relatively easy. She was weak. She was almost certainly in pain. She was in extreme old age.

It's sad. I've shed tears. What else to say? I don't subscribe to any dubious theory of an after-life... serious talk of this nature leaves me exasperated. You can't know, you fuckers, so what do you prattle on for? It's all very simple. Life is animated. If it ceases to be so, we call this death. All communication with the unfortunate (or fortunate depending on their circumstances) ceases. That's it.

I shall try to avoid using cliches regarding her death, saying only, and no doubt inappropriately (after all, she was a cat, dammit) she was a good girl

How strange to be without a furry dependent.


Sari said...

I never know what to say, expect that I'm sorry to hear about Rosie. Like you, I'll start believing in life after death when someone actually comes back after death. Until that happens I have to assume that death is the end. Rosie will, however, together with all the other furry friends, remain in your memories.

Ronald said...

It always comes to this point, with people too, as well as animals. There's no point in getting over-sentimental about it, that does more harm than good. Rosie was aged and no doubt uncomfortable. The decent way to treat animals and people is to strive to make them as comfy as possible in life, and sometimes the only solution is death. I'm pretty certain the suffering has ceased.

Weary Hag said...

"Why would anyone WANT to come back?" I was once asked. lol and yes, 'tis true, I suppose.

No profound discussions here from me, that's for certain. Hey, but if there's some off the wall afterlife bit? I'm going to point and laugh at you till eternity comes nigh.

Ronald said...


Still an asshole, I see. Hey, did you know I was in NY again, December gone? I made a point of avoiding the Staten Island Ferry... well, you never know who you might meet!