Thursday, 6 September 2012

It's not weeping yet, but I'm optimistic...

Listen up, everyone, I have an important announcement to make. There may be some of you (amongst my vast readership) who are not aware of my four-month-long sojourn into the world of music. Yes, it's true. I am now a  musician! And before you protest at my seeming presumption, let me tell you, not only do I have a guitar and a hard-case, but 5 assorted plectrums , a capo, and a string-winder cum peg-popper string-cutter thingy . Yep, s'true. To utter those immortal words [in mock cockney accent] "I got all the gear* so I gotta be bona fide, aint I?".

I wont bore you with the details, but as I never tire of telling those willing to listen (and often those totally uninterested too) I'm at the stage where pain and suffering rule. You know, I never dreamt the time would come when I'd pay a young woman (aka, my tutor) to devise ways of inflicting pain upon me! I mean, I thought I was biased towards the dominant side. Anyway...

I needed a focus, but it had to be something sedentary and practised within easy reach of coffee beverages and biscuits. Added to this my lifelong dream of playing an instrument other than my... erm... maybe not... ahem... I chose the accoustic guitar. Well, it's iconic and it's cool. Moreover, it's.. it's... er.. iconic and cool. So here I am. Kind of enjoying the process. It's tough, and more so because I'm hard on myself, but let's face it, someone has to knock me into shape, and who better than myself?

Seriously, this is for the long haul. It has to be. Otherwise I'll hate myself.

* Gear - accessories



Michelle said...

So that's what you've been up to.

Obviously you've had a lot of time to practice so I expect great things from you, so when you gonna show us the youtube video of your great performance?


o and welcome back from.. well, your music room.. I expect.

Sari said...

Much respect, man! I can tell that you're totally a rock 'n' roll kind of guy now - you know all the rights words and all (words like 'a string-winder cum peg-popper string-cutter thingy', wow).

I, too, am waiting for the guitar solo!!

As for paying a young woman to devise ways of inflicting pain...could you please stop putting ideas into my head??!!

Ronald said...

Michelle, thanks for your comment.... so prompt as usual. As for the video, I'm looking for an accomplished director... you know any? :+)

Ronald said...

Thanks Sari,

So tell me, what type of young woman do you prefer? Blonde? Brunette? Black? I'll keep a lookout for someone suitable. Grin.

Sari said...
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Sari said...

Colour plays no role as long as she has a mean grip of the whip...Grin.