Sunday, 11 December 2011

Mundane mornings

It's Sunday again, my traditional day of browsing and commenting on the profiles of a social pen-pal site I use. I call this process, "blitzing", as like lightning, I strike at random, here, there, and everywhere, usually attempting to make pithy, humourous comments, with a view to getting a favourable response, otherwise known as, "boosting my ego".

Today though, I'm not so full of what is known in the trade as - at least if you're French - J'oie de vivre. The old bonhomie is rather lacking; and in it's place is a less friendly (though falling short of abusive) pedantry. In short nit-picking.

The subject of this post is this gem of "wisdom" proudly sported at the head of a profile: "“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” Well... here's the brief transcript...

Me: I would be most interested to know how we go about this "living as if everything was a miracle". Logically, we have to know "commonplace things" if we are to recognise miracles? So surely, not everything can be seen as a miracle? If everything is a miracle, then miracles become commonplace, and therefore everyday, and ordinary.

Other person: Every day a lot of flowers appear , you can pass and not notice the flower on your window or you can sstop and enjoy the miracle of a beauty.

Me: That doesn't explain anything to me. I've been seeing flowers all of my life. For something to be a miracle, by definition, it has, at the very least, to be EXTRAordinary.

The recipient at this point disappeared. Whether she fled from the disturbing logic, or went to put the spuds on the boil for the family lunch, I don't know. But the question for me is, "Am I being a complete arse here?". After all, this is a social epal site, so is such discussion out of place? Or is constructive debate part and parcel of being "social"? More importantly, am I missing something, is there something about living I fail to "get"? Oh well...

I guess this time around, I wont be told the "trick", of perceiving the whole of the Universe as a miracle. I guess I'll just have to make do, and like most of us, accept the dull, the depressing, and the mundane, in order to recognise the moments of contentment, the instances of happiness, the rare moments of joy, and the most infrequent of all, the "ecstasies".

I'm off to "pick" on someone else...