Friday, 9 September 2011

Arsebook & the Antichrist

Facebook. What can I say? I have an account. Mostly, it's de-activated. But on occasion, like now, I muster courage enough to place myself inside. It's essentially, a cyber goldfish bowl.

It doesn't change. Always feels the same. I feel under intense scrutiny, and if that's not bad enough, I'm beset with requests, alerts, and worst of all, "People you may know". What can I say, except, NO I DON'T! And even if I did, it's hardly likely I'd want to include them. So fuck off, you intrusive twat! I'll take charge of my own acquaintances if you don't mind; and besides, it's my aim to reduce the number of people on my list, not pile them up in a show of, "look how popular I am!". I have around 22 persons on my list, the majority of them family, but in terms of online communication, I'm engaged with a small, very small, subset of them. And that's how I like it. Just like reality!

Flying off on a tangent, and apropos of nothing, I know a guy who doesn't give a shit. In fact, he doesn't give two shits. It's a fact. How do I know this? Well, he tells us so - that's all those who know him. And frequently too. Every day in fact, constantly. Week in, week out. Hey, you know something? I just had insight - this guy does give a shit!

Last night I watched a film, Antichrist. It was "recommended" by a friend. I had to go lie down afterwards in a lightened room and watch Disney films.


Sari said...

What can I say, other than honey badger! It's the biggest bad-ass there is and unlike this bloke of yours, it really does NOT give a shit! Try and make friends with it and it would probably just eat you. Yeah, that's how much of a bad-ass it is. After the honey badger, Antichrist would seem like a Disney film. Probably.

Ronald said...

Well, go view Antichrist and find out for yourself. It's kind of disturbing and very explicit! Where on earth does this 'honey badger' come from?

Michelle said...

Well.. I've recently found out that Facebook is actually kind of useful for organizing and social things, well, either that or if you want to keep up with stuff.. if for instance you're trying to keep up with theatre in your city.. then you won't find anything anywhere else.. because everyone depends on Facebook to get their message out! So yeah, for that good.. is a bit annoying otherwise.. kind of noneses, as the wvw says.

This Antichrist sounds fun.

Ronald said...

Michelle, I'm sure Facebook is a Godsend to some, but I dislike it for the gallimaufry of whistles, bells, tops, tails, and puppy-dogs tails it throws at you. S'too much.

Antichrist is not for the feint of heart.