Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Back, and with a... erm... little noise...

I'm back. Feeling a bit sheepish. By my standards anyhow. Well, there's a point at which writer's block seems ridiculous, don't you think? I mean, for how long can one hold ones hand to ones brow and utter, "oh cruel muse, wherefore art thou... why hast thou forsaken me?". Come on, for God's sake, I'm a hairy-arsed fellow from the Industrial Midlands of England, could anything be more inappropriate? No, I thought not; so, I've concluded it's a position which can be held for limited periods only, before one gets the feeling one is being, may I say, a little pompous? Nay, more like pompous, posturing, and prick-like.You agree? After all, I'm not a writer. In fact, I'm not anything much at all (though I'll concede being called a dabbler) So, what if my written efforts fall short of perfection? What if I'm completely misunderstood? What if I bore the tits off the few who bother to come my way? One takes ones chances. So here I am, on this sparkling, fresh May day, ostensibly beavering away at my desk on the office, but in truth, doing what I do best: nothing in particular, staring into space, and occasionally striking the keyboard of my computer. The fruit it bears is this post. It's a start.

So what's new with me? Well, I can't compete with this ever-changing world, with it's earthquakes, Royal weddings, and assassinations; but on a minor narcissistic note (such a surprise for a personal blogger) I do have what may be considered "breaking news" [roll of drums followed by a fanfare] Are you ready for this? Can you feel the tension? Wait for it... okay, you asked for it... here it comes... wooo hooo... don't know about you but I'm excited... chuckle... ahem... big news coming this way folks...

... my hair, dare I say it, is now officially deemed, long!

How do I know this? Well, a colleague asked the other day,

"Are you growing your hair Don?".

This is absolute and incontrovertible proof of its non-shortness. I replied in the affirmative, to which he said,


Like erm, duh...

"Because I can?".


Sari said...

Congratulations on your long hair! Keep going and you'll have a ponytail in no time, cooor. I've recently discovered that my hair is like every heavy metal guys' hair in this country: blond-ish, long and wispy. Gotta go and do some headbanging now. Stay heavy!

Michelle said...

Ah.. welcome back Don. I admit, more than once in the last few weeks? I took note of your absence and lamented the void it left in the blogosphere, which, admittedly.. is so frequent it's probably become an official residence by now.. but I digress..

Dabbler! What a great word.. if you can't in all confidence, call yourself something else.. then dabbler is something no one can quibble with.. unless they're one of those who will quibble with anything and what can you do about those people.. they'll quibble with anything. I proudly call myself a dabbler too.. perhaps we should form a sort of.. I dunno.. whatever.

Congrats on the hair! It is indeed an exciting new development.. oh and what the future holds.. all you can do with it, style it, braid it, wear a ponytail, curl it.. the list is endless, well, quite long at least.

Ronald said...

Sari As it happens, I'm considering growing it to accommodate a ponytail, but the real motivation is for two reasons: 1) I can, and 2) I've had relatively short hair for such a long period of my life now, I thought it would be nice to be different. And of course, if it annoys people enough to comment, then all the better :-) I thought you were a headbanger already. You sound line one.

Michelle You cheeky girl, anyone would think I make a habit of going awol... :-) Yes, Dabbler is a marvellous word and I'm proud of the appellation... well, it has to be better than being a quibbler... where's the kudos in that? Could be worse though, I could be a pitherer, doing nothing in particular just pithering around. Shudder! Yes, we certainly should form a sort of... I dunno.. whatever..
I might just colour my hair, maybe highlights?

Anonymous said...

We have something in common... I too have been growing out my hair!

It's nice to bond. I'm glad you're back. I really have missed you.

Ronald said...

PAMO Let's see who gets to wear a ponytail first. Grin. Thanks for the kind comment.