Sunday, 20 March 2011

How to meditate successfully and clear writer's block in one easy lesson.

To still the mind, or so it's said,
It's best to sit oneself cross-legged,
And duly count on inspiration,
One... then two, on exhalation.

Proceed until you get to ten
And then? Why, simply start again.
Continue till mind's ceaseless chatter
Is no issue, is no matter.

But having tried this tested path
I have to say, is this a laugh?
I barely get to four all told
Before the thoughts stream, manifold.

In contrast when I sit to write
I'm blocked, an hour, sometimes a night.
To lay my eyes on screen or paper,
It seems converts my mind to vapour.

And in this reverie I stay
Until the muse moseys my way
And says, "let's set this poor wretch free"
Allowing inspiration. Woop-de-dee!

The answer then is written here,
To write - we squat cross-legged, it's clear?
And quell our minds? Well, as we've seen,
We sit and stare at a blank screen.


Michelle said...

That's so deep and stuff...

Anonymous said...

Ah Don, love. You're back.
You have given us another beautiful poem, full of fun and sadness all rolled into one.
(I've missed you and I wish you'd write even when the words aren't as gorgeous as you. Seems you feel compelled to wait for the masterpiece.)
It's nice to see you... again.

I've resurrected my writing blog. The self flagellation just seemed rather trite. Come up and see me sometime, it will help you overcome your fears when you see how good I am at writing poorly.

Sari said...

That's great, and so true, too. In the perfect world play comes before work. Unfortunately in the world we're forced to live, work sucks out all our energy and when it's time to play, there's nothing left and so we end up staring at a blank screen/canvas/paper.