Thursday, 25 November 2010

Time Flies

You heard the expression "time flies"? I was wondering, are they anything like vinegar flies? You know those times when we’re not at our best, and work doesn’t fulfill us? For me, it's usually a Friday afternoon; and although I know it’s best not to, I can’t help but look at the time, and oh my fucking god… it’s dragging! Each minute seems like an hour! Well, I figure time drags thus due to those flies attaching themselves to the minutes, and as a consequence, slowing them down. Maybe some Time-fly spray would not go amiss. You reckon?


Michelle said...

Yeah, very true.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the concept of the time fly. Brilliantly simple and simply brilliant! And leaves me wondering why I never thought of it.
Pure genius, I tell you. Pure genius.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are pesky. I hate those moments where the time, if it went any slower, would send you going back in time. Those pesky Time Flies work the other way round too. Have you ever had a moment when you wanted the time to stand still? And does it? Does is 'eck! Whoosh. Gone. Could really do with some of that spray.

Ronald said...

Michelle Yes, I'm sure it is. Or at least, it's as good as any scientific theory about time :-)

PAMO Whoa! I'm English and unable to handle such compliments. Thanks though... I do have occasional moments :-)

Sari Hmmm... interesting comment as usual, adding to the debate. I'll have to give that some thought. Strokes new facial growth (hair of course). Hmmm... *makes pondering noises*