Friday, 26 November 2010

Listomania (another recycled post and one which surprises me by it's anger. Must have been tongue in cheek, surely)

There’s nothing so dull and uninspiring as the simple assertion of what you like or dislike. Without accompanying reasons, to catalogue without qualification your favourite puddings, films, songs, or even, just ‘things’ (cue for a Julie Andrews song)… is to be a boring twat. It's uninterestingly autobiographical. People avoid you. And if ever you wonder why you spend most of your time alone at your computer, with never a peep from the outside cyberworld, it’s probably because you’ve made it your life’s work to cram as much meaningless crap into the ‘my favourites’ sections of your Myspace or Blog profile. Well it’s all shite. No one is interested. You know what it says about you? - you’re a list-maker! Others make music, write novels, climb mountains, invent things, engage in politics, fucking, and dangerous sports, or kill harmless furry animals… but what do you do… duh!… you make fucking lists! It's inclined to give the impression you're at the bottom of the brain chain. Remember, if you ever feel inclined to let the world know why you like or dislike something… give an accompanying reason! Then you stand an outside chance of being interesting.


Michelle said...

Yeah! And I'll tell you exactly why...

making lists is:
A space filler for people who have nothing worthwhile to say
An eyesore

I think I've made my point.

Anonymous said...

I like a good rant first thing in the morning! It wakes up the brain cells. Dr Seuss says it's nonsense that does that, which is true, but a rant works just as well, if not better.

And on a different note, this actually just happened. I was writing my comment in Word, which I never do normally. As I finished, I came here to post it and what do I see? My comment was already here! Posted by Michelle. Oh my god, pretty much exactly the same as the one I wrote, word by word. So, it's been proved once again, that great minds think alike!

Maundering mutterer said...

I like this post. I like, I like, I like, I like. This post, that post and the other post. HOW I like them!

Michelle said...

*faves this post*

Ronald said...

Michelle Ahem... er... yes... quite.

Sari, remind me, who is Dr Seuss?

MM To be honest, I'd prefer comments from people with firm opinions. Tell me, do you like my posts or not?

Ronald said...

MM Haha! Only just got it! Arf. You too Michelle. I'm feeling a bit "duh" today :-)

Anonymous said...

Dr Seuss wrote children's books. Does the Cat in the Hat ring a bell?

Ronald said...

Sari sorry, I'm afraid it doesn't, but I'll be sure to go and Gurgle it :-)

Anonymous said...

Hm- tongue in cheek? I wonder.
I'm afraid to make lists online of what I like for fear of being judged. I'm sure that is just because I judge others by their lists. I mean, they put them out there, what else am I to do with it? But in the end, perhaps they are braver than I; at least they can commit to a list.
I have list commitment issues.

Ronald said...

PAMO It's a fair cop. I confess to having issues with inordinately long lists, and this isn't the first time I've publicly outed them. What annoys me (and I know this is a presumption) is the idea that size (in this instance) matters. For me, of primary importance is the ability to intrigue, to subtly captivate, to amuse; but this can only be effected if you write about yourself. It's about using language to the best of your ability; and after all, we're talking about online networking sites here, where communication is primarily based on textual communication. So why on earth put all that time and effort into compiling vast lists? Aaarrrggghhh! [becomes tense, mercilessly kicks the cat and trashes the room]. Ooooh, they get me mad!

PS. Let them judge. Judging is what we do. Our brains are judging machines extraordinaire. If we didn't judge we don't survive. I'm judging those maniacal list-making oiks!