Monday, 15 November 2010

I love the word "duck", it has such poetic potential

Man-flu. Again. It's the second time in not too many weeks, which is a surprise. Historically, my given ailment, that is, my inherited affliction, is migraine. But due to the inspired hypothesis that caffeine (in inordinate quantities) is a main-player in its manifestation, de-toxing myself has removed the cursed aural displays and sickening "heads", or so it seems. So does this call for an "Hurrah!"? Yes, but alas, only muted, for thus far, I've not had chance to enjoy a sustained period of unbridled good health. The newly-wrought void has been filled by low-level snot, sneezing and chestiness, which have been much in evidence of late, preventing me from resuming my much-trumpeted running come back; it culminated yesterday in a full-blown nasal and throat attack, a cause for manly concern. I awoke this morning convinced I was teetering, at the very least, on the verge of the most savage influenza if not pneumonia! But now, nine hours later, showered and fed, I'm virtually sneeze, wheeze, and mucus free. I feel somewhat sheepish, fraudulent even, for taking the day off.

But time off allows time for reflection; or if not fully-blown deliberation, then at least a time to rustle up words and phrases to be sculpted into quasi-post form. In other words, blind them with bullshit! So, here's my thought for the day: we always have a choice, always. You may think the world is a shitty place, that your life is crummy, unfair, but you can choose to think otherwise. I'll refrain from arguing this, instead I'll give you a visual display, a demonstration of our brains wonderful facility to see the same thing in more than one way. Ladieeees and Genl'men, I'm proud to present... wait for it... the RABBIT/DUCK ILLUSION! (see illustration above)

Once you get to see it both ways, switching back and forth is simply a matter of choice. A simple example granted, but significant, think not you?


Anonymous said...

Well, women do take the man-flu with a pinch of salt, but you do get my sympathy for feeling ill. No need to feel guilty though. Imagine if you had gone to work today and then it had developed into a full-blown influenza. You'd be off work for at least a week. Now one day sorted it and you are back to the grind tomorrow. What a good worker you are!

I do hope you get all those chest-issues sorted and get back to running. It's so good in so many levels, don't you think?

That picture is great. I like those sorts of pictures you have to look a bit skew-whiff to see something else. Bit like in the real world. It's only when you start seeing (and hearing) things that aren't there when you may have to start getting worried.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see the rabbit until you pointed the little bugger out!
Another fantastic post as I've been sufficiently blinded.
Not fair, not fair, not fair. Stop the caffeine and succumb to other symptoms, your bodies way of saying, "So there!".
Continue to take care of yourself and your body will adjust, eventually. At least that is what sounds right.

Michelle said...

Man that's deep. It actually took me a while to see the rabbit.. whole seconds.

Well... you appear to be feeling poorly, and with that I sympathize, I'm glad you're seeing the positive side of it however, and take comfort in the knowledge that these things do pass.

Ronald said...

Sari I'll have you know, research has discovered that women have a different, stronger immune system, to help protect their babies when in the womb. So please, admire men for doing their best when bereft of the best armoury :-)

PAMO It's been over 2 months now, I was led to believe the cold-turky would only last a month. Thanks for the compliments :-)

Michelle I've recovered since, which goes to prove, you're right... it has passed! Grin.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that I learned the word 'man-flu' from you. I thought 'damn, first there's bird flu, then swine flu and now man-flu too?' So if you get tweetment for the bird flu, oinkment for the swine flu, what do you get for the man-flu?

Ronald said...

Sari Very, very clever. You got me stumped as to providing a smart answer, all I can come up with is the application of TLC. :-)

Anonymous said...

aaaaawww. I'll remember that. Thanks :)

Maundering mutterer said...

I've always maintained that the same thing cam be seen in thousands of ways. A fun post. I like the duck.. I mean.. rabbit... er.. thing

Ronald said...

MM Yes, that's the exact point I'm making. Though I hasten to add, I don't think it gives us licence to call a spade an elephant and expect our view to be respected. But what the hell... I've got an elephant in my shed. Grin.