Monday, 22 November 2010

Good Wishes

I'm fucking blocked again strangely transcendent today, not feeling the need to indulge in the trivial pursuit of blogging. However, I hope all of you smug productive bastards out there get zero comments I wish all you fellow bloggers out there a happy and fruitful blogging week.

It's joke. Chuckle


Anonymous said...

HEHE! Thanks for helping me start the day with a big belly laugh. And a good blogging week to you too. Keep them coming :)

Michelle said...

Why thank you. I think.

*scratches head and stuff*

Maundering mutterer said...

Wishing you an end to transcendence. It sounds a bit uncomfortable.

Ronald said...

Sari Always nice to know I've brightened someone's day.

Michelle I know... does he mean it or doesn't he? Cackle!

MM Yes, especially around the groin. I must loosen this belt :-)

Anonymous said...

HA! I was blocked yesterday by circumstance. Looks like you transcended. I'm off to read your latest.