Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Blogging decisions...

For a change, today I was spoilt for choice regarding posting. I've been intending to comment on Steven D. Levitt's controversial paper regarding the link between legalised abortion and a decrease in the crime rate; or, and on a more topical note, writing a short piece on dispelling myths about global warming, which I figured is important. But, after mulling it over, I decided to shelve both of these and talk instead about toast!

There are thee kinds of people in this world: those who don't like toast; those who like it lightly done; and the "let's do it till it's about to burn" sort. I won't say too much about the first, the anti-toast brigade, 'cept to say, like my father and his father before him, I've learned never to trust a person who has no interest in having it browned, even if only lightly. As for the effete, "oh, I like it barely crisp" woosies; well... ya gotta be suspicious of them too; which leaves the, "if you've got to do something, then do it to extreme" party, of which, it goes without saying, I belong.

We recently had a Toaster installed in our office kitchen. This is a welcome addition and compensates in part for the recent removal of the staff brothel, with its attendant Jacuzzi and massage salon. Yes, times are hard everywhere.

I write this post after finishing 2 rounds of crisp, near done-to-death bread, soaked in butter and finished with dollops of shredless marmalade. Mmmmmm.... mmmmm! Yummy!

Don swift reporting from the UK, somewhere in the midlands. Keeping it real!


Anonymous said...

I belong to the not-so-popular 'fussy eaters 'r' us' group and I pull a face at most food items, BUT I like toast. I like mine well done but not on fire. I don't, however, even in my wildest dreams, ruin my nice toast by putting butter AND marmalade on it. URGH. In fact, there's never butter, nor marmalade in this house. It has to be cheese, preferably one with some kick.

I remember you saying once that you used to absolutely love your job but it has lost it's appeal since. It all makes sense now ;)

Michelle said...

I like toast, but if it's ok can I be a boring in between person, not represented by your post who likes it "just right" that is, golden brown, a bit darker brown is ok too, but not so big on the burnt. I like it with butter, one o the 'mites, with some cheese for special occasiona :).. though I also like it with honey, sometimes jam. More into the salty stuff though..

Maundering mutterer said...

I compliment you on your priorities. Yes, scientific papers and the like pale in significance when compared to the richness and luxury of well-done toast. I think someone should write a paper on the role of toast in the creation of the British empire and in maintaining British cultural supremacy world wide. Now THAT would be controversial!

Ronald said...

Sari Thanks for that insight into your fussy and weird eating habits.

Michelle Golden brown is fine, perfectly acceptable, it's only those who prefer the anaemic kind that we should view with suspicion :-)

MM you're a girl after my own heart. How cool that you should be in accord with my priorities. But re toast being instrumental in the ascendancy of the British Empire, I think it only fair to add, it's continued sustenance owes a great debt to fish n chips too :-)

Anonymous said...

I certainly needed the smile your toast post brought me.
So many funny lines in this one. Absolutely love it!
I'll think of you while eating my toast today.

Ronald said...

PAMO You like toast? Maybe I'm guilty of stereotyping Americans, but I had the idea y'all ate bagels! I once did a humorous post championing the English persons love of crumpets, and mocking the American bagel. If only I could find it...

Thanks for the kind words.

Anonymous said...

I like bagels too, but eat toast more often. A bagel is more of a commitment and always seems to demand some additional condiment or spread. It's all very complex.
Toast is simple. I like simple.
Toast is also less filling, a bagel is a meal that goes on forever.
Then again, some days, a bagel is the only bread that will do.
Here in the South, we are probably best known for eating biscuits. Not a cracker, but a full on roll that is thick and cake like (assuming you don't know what I'm talking about, but thinking you probably do). YUM!
This morning however, I had pancakes slathered in syrup. So I didn't have the toast I had planned on. Toast, fortunately, doesn't mind. Toast is a faithful friend.
I'd love to see your take on English versus American. I'm sure I'll laugh.