Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A poem

No prizes for guessing the title...

Such a shame.
but I say it's not love that's blind,
but those who look to find
someone who never can be born,
nor who ever trod this way, but they
still persist in seeking,
as if in hope one day
this polished gem will show his face
and say -
"I'm here, I'm flawless, without peer,
I've come to banish doubt;
and as for fear - never again!"
Oh dear.
Such a shame.

Such a shame.
if now and then I should shout
and you dispute my worth, and say,
"get out! Don't ever cross my path,
for wrath I cannot bear".
but cuss and chide we often find
are born of love; so if you swear
I do not doubt you care, in fact,
if you should never shout
I would know within you were
without, that which matters most -
your love for me.
Such a shame.


Michelle said...

*wipes tear from eye*

lancelonie said...

Your poem is deep and beautiful! Well written, well composed. :)

Anonymous said...

This is a wild guess but could the title be 'Such a shame'? Did I win?

Ronald said...

Michelle Yeah! :-)

Lancelonie Phew, thanks, it was a big deal for me to make this public. nothing bares the soul like poetry :-)

SariWrong! It's called man on stilts, wearing bowler hat! :-)

Michelle said...

I like that title, it's appropriately absurd, or something...

hey.. I got retry for my wvw.. is it trying to tell me something :Z

Ronald said...

Michelle Glad you liked my revised title.

I got "phother" for my WV. Sounds like a mild cuss, "oh fother!"

Michelle said...

phother.. I like it, nerds can correct people when they inevitably spell it wrong :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that being able to express a full range of feelings in our most intimate relationships is what makes it real?
Reflexively, we might think never disagreeing, never having a bad feeling is bliss, the hallmark of the perfect bond. Yet, in practice, because we are human, that can not be. An argument can be one of the most cleansing things between two people, assuming of course, it doesn't creep into a continually destructive realm.
Your poem says all of that to me. Beautifully written.

Ronald said...
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Ronald said...

PAMO thanks for your encouring words,