Monday, 6 September 2010

No darling, your bum doesn't look big in that dress!

I'm well into my third week of caffeine-abstinence, and I have to say, it's going well. My main objective was to effect a metamorf... metermorph change for the better in my temperament, and I'm convinced, although it's early days as yet, there's definite progress as I notice I'm a little easier-going than hitherto. Not that my internal state is so different from before (and I'm of the belief, we all have similar internal states, emotionally) I'm still sensitive to many things, but the intensity is wound down a couple of turns. I confess, I was so bad at one point I'd want to fuck the offender up the arse, verbally snap at any perceived slight; but now, I kinda roll with the emotion, and I can see the practical side to this on a relational level, but... expressing oneself honestly shouldn't always be frowned upon, should it? Is self-censorship always good? It's funny though, isn't it, it's like we say, "don't tell me how it is, sugar-coat it, or better still, lie!". But... [creaking sounds of extreme cogitation] if that's how it is, even if the intentions are good, doesn't it mean we never really get to know ourselves, if we're spared the honest opinions of how others feel regarding us? Though, [more creaking] maybe most people want that, maybe they'd rather not know. It's a funny old world.

Fucking hell Gosh! And all I wanted to do was give a quick update on my abstinence progress!

Safaris I know (that's a pun)

Autumn is here. How do I know? Because of the sudden appearance of golden leaves on the streets and gardens? Nope. Because morning temperatures are suddenly cooler, bringing a chill into the air and condensation onto the windows? Nope. Because it's September? Nope. I know because I'm alone.

My ex-partner/room-mate/friend/the bint who lives in the same house (call her what you will) is once again, and at the same time of year, off to exotic climes. This time she's paying a return visit to Kenya, to witness and weep at the awe-inspiring spectacle of wild-buffalo herds marching en-masse to the watering hole; to marvel at the elegance and beauty of doe-eyed giraffes feeding amongst the trees; to tremble with fear and humility at the power displayed by the hunting lion; and of course, to enjoy the apr├Ęs-safari (safaris equivalent to golf's nineteenth hole). Put those dusty digital cameras down, unburden yourselves of those weighty picnic bags gals, and get it down your neck! Ahem... I digress...

So... I'm alone. Almost. The aforementioned other occupant of of the house has kindly left me with her son. It's a long story and not one for public dissemination, so suffice it to say, he's here under sufferance...

Well, the weekend went well, with my first run cum walk, brief, lasting twenty minutes only, but that was according to plan. I'm experienced enough to know overdoing such strenuous exercise ends easily in grief, if only via the lowering of one's immune system, resulting in the catching of whatever is available. Still, I felt great. As my heart-beat reached training-rate, I began to sweat, and my heart pounded in my ears, and for brief moments it felt like the old days. I was empowered.. nay, t'was better than that, I was pumped! This carried through to the following day, which found me so restless, I had to do something, and what better than horse-riding? Yes... once again, after so many years, I found myself mounted! Action man or what?

Back to earth with a kerthwump! Today, the curse struck again - that old devil migraine... that was my planned second run up the Swanee! So here I am, alone and discontent. The Internet doesn't do it for me anymore. I've developed an itch that needs to be scratched, and scratch it I will.

I've another holiday planned, my last of the year. The autumn will improve, I'm sure...

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Poo and the Pope

This morning, before going to mothers, I made a special journey into the city. I visited The Running Shop to buy running shoes plus a few related items, i.e. socks, tracksters, and a couple of "tops" (not that you'd have expected groceries, given its name).

As a shopper I'm a no nonsense kind of bloke. Nine o'clock sharp saw me outside the shop, eagerly waiting for the doors to open; come nine-twenty, I was cheerfully striding down the road, swinging my carrier bag full of the aforementioned goodies. A typical "shop" by me, I guess, as I'm not one for retail-therapy in the social-cum-sexual-event sense. Whip in, whip out. No fuss. That's me.

Tonight's the night. At least that's the plan. I'm nervous though. It's been ten years since I last ran in anger and during that time, I've developed an occasional twinge in my right-knee. Let's hope it's insignificant.

The natural course for me to run would be around the local park, but that's soon to be visited by the Pope. I'm led to believe they've already begun to build fences and place restrictions on the adjoining roads, so I may have to look for an alternative route. All done without consulting the residents I may add, and at enormous cost to the tax and rate-payers. Someone tell me please, do I live in a secular society or not?

I used to walk my much beloved dog, Ruby, around that very park. That rolling grassland,a playground and toilet for my little girl, is for me, a special and consecrated ground. Chances are, the Pope, who I don't particularly care about, and certainly don't revere, will give blessings on a spot once shat upon by her. Life's full of these little ironies.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Breaking news...

Don't get too excited as it's only a provisional notion, but... I'm seriously considering taking my running shoes off their retirement peg! Not literally so, as they owe me nothing, having carried me without complaint for longer than they should have. But now they're looking the worse for wear and will have to be replaced. And if my decision is positive, I'll be at the "Running Shop" first thing Saturday morning, getting fitted for a new pair. Is this a wise move after ten years of retierment? We shall see.