Thursday, 5 August 2010

A whine about wine

Yesterday evening was one of those occasions becoming evermore rare, deemed to be a good time to partake of a little more than a glass or bottle of alcoholic beverage (these days, occasional indulgences). The first glass (of Chardonnay I think) left me feeling pleasantly relaxed, rather mellow. I felt at peace with both myself and the world. But... therein lies the Danger. Why, you may ask? Well, there is, in my humble estimation, a strange logic cum illogic regarding alcohol: from the premise one drink makes you feel good, it is concluded two will double the pleasure, three triple it, and four... well, you get the idea. It doesn't though, as you know.

At some point, probably at the fifth glass, the unwanted realisation of this sad truth pressed upon my consciousness. The logic didn't hold. If it had, at this point I ought to have been hovering in the upper-stratosphere, approaching the gates of Nirvana, if not already there. Alas, the glow had since worn off, leaving only slight depression and guilt feelings for once again succumbing to this false-logic.

Maybe as a young man I should have persevered with marijuana?

Never again!


Michelle said...

I hear you there.

I for one will never ever again drink wine, beer, any kind of spirits or any other kind of alcohol again!

Well maybe not until tomorrow evening.. only had one beer for tonight...

yeah.. I know. I always like the first one so much, it tastes so good, it feels so good I just want to keep going, so usually, I keep going. After a while it aint so good.. and the next day.. it really aint so good.

But you know that already..

Ronald said...

Strangely, it never bothered me so much when I was younger. I accepted the pain as the price of the pleasure, and besides, it was always done in a social setting, which makes a difference. Nowadays though, most of the infrequent instances of over-indulgence occur at home. It's not the same.

Michelle said...

oh pshpit!

no reason.. I just wanted to say it (word verification word)