Sunday, 8 August 2010

Slap a doody ding dong

It's all too easy to take life and ourselves too seriously. For this reason I recommend engaging, at least occasionally, in the age-old regime of silliness.*

Daftness, as a discipline is broad. There are, and never have been, hard and fast rules as to what constitutes, "acting the pratt"; but as a general rule of thumb, it steers clear of the clever, being nothing if not: an antidote against the dangers of intellectualism; a cure for pomposity; a salve to steer us clear of arrogance; and a needle to prick the bubble of vanity.

Phlappat, phlippet, badoing!

In this all too serious world, silliness acts as a safety-valve to release health-damaging tension. I use it to counteract my tendencies to slip into pretentiousness, often seen on this very blog.


A typical 'silly' I use throughout the day is to substitute, "furry muff", for the phrase, "fair enough". And recently I've taken to thinking of my lunchtime fare as, "sand wedges", or, "sang widges" (Children know, understand, and revel in this kind of "silly"). So...

Remember, for the sake of your physical health and your sanity, don't take life too seriously; come on, you know it makes sense, don't laugh.... I'm serious!


* Not to be confused with stupidity. This is stupidity.


Michelle said...


you know.. I was going to write a long diatribe (is that the word I'm looking for, I hope it is because it sounds big and important) about how I disapprove of this, and we should be sensible all the time and get work done!

but instead I think I'll put a duck on my head.

After I catch a duck that is.

Ronald said...

Maybe you could employ the services of Gorgo the carnivorous swan if you need to catch a duck?


Michelle said...


what's his number?

Michelle said...

you wouldn't believe how difficult it is to catch a duck :Z

Maundering mutterer said...

What a ridiculous post. Yes, and a silly one too. Packed with nonsense, verging on nuttiness. What could be better? Only my mood, which is much improved since reading this!

Michelle said...

this has been a really inspirational post:p

Ronald said...

MM... it's always good to have been of service to you :-)

Michelle... you're too, too, too, too, too, too, toot, kind! :-)

Michelle said...

ya... I know..

lisibleg :)

Sari said...

Gee, you're putting Finland on the map! Did you know that they are considering changing the name to Funland? Yeah. Now that would not be stupid as much as it would be silly.

Ronald said...

Glad to be of service to
Finland, Sari... erm... where on the map is that exactly? Just kidding, everyone knows it's a small province of Russia. You an Eskimo by any chance? :-)

Sari said...

Goes to show what excellent command of geography you have Batman! Watch out where the huskies go and don't you eat that yellow snow...You can call me Nanook ;)