Friday, 6 August 2010

Long dark night of the soul

Continuing on the subject of drink, there's an interesting effect of over-indulgence, though I'm not talking about the morning after, but the evening ahead.

In my youth I called this effect , "the horrors", though that's an overstatement, as in truth, it's less severe. The following day, as bedtime approaches, it begins, experienced as a non-specific dread. It affects sleep too. Periodically, I'll awaken and find myself beset by these amorphous phantasms; and all attempts to fend them off via the power of rational thought are futile.

You have to admire and envy those who drink Horlicks only!


Michelle said...

That sounds... harsh.

I always have trouble sleeping after a night of drinking. Not getting to sleep, that usually comes unusually easy, but I always wake up really early and just can't get back to sleep... sometimes it's a rather obvious throbbing headache I came blame it on, but not always.. sometimes it's just... I dunno..

Ronald said...

I do that too.... even after a modest drink. I don't think there's anything like sobriety for getting a good night's sleep. Boring though.

Michelle said...

Well.. it depends. I mean, if I drink I definitely won't sleep well, but if I don't there's no guarantee that I will... life is so hard..


Michelle said...



make of it what you will..

Ronald said...

You're giggling a lot lately. Are you drinking? :-)

menlasms? Is that better or worse than an orgasm?

Here's my word verification: turdsms

Michelle said...



perfect expression of disdain...

these just keep getting better..

Maundering mutterer said...

Horlicks makes for a good night's sleep. Feelings of dread? Its only old man trouble creeping up behind you. Whack him over the head with an empty booze bottle. Failing that, you can always whack yourself over the head and voila! Sleep.

Ronald said...


A credit-worthy attempt at a solution, though sadlyflawed inasmuch as I can't see the blighter(s). S'pose I could just flail around with the beer bottle though, in the hope I clonk the assailant(s) :-)