Saturday, 21 August 2010


And a great lassitude descended upon me. My eyes drooped and I slumped, powerless to resist the bidding of the Sandman. Mesmeric passes of his hands sent magic dust flying into my eyes, and he whispered a lullaby, a gentle cajoling into deep sleep...

Of course, this was self-inflicted, and no doubt a common response to the sudden, brutal decision, to cease the imbibition of all drinks laden with caffeine. Yep, that's it folks, I'm off the coffee, tea also

It's day three since that decision but day two of abstinence "proper". I've had the headache, no big deal, fully expected, and easily taken care of by means of paracetamol. The problem lies in my body's predilection to shut down, or attempt to. Not that this is a new experience, but historically, it occurs towards mid-day, or just after lunch... but never at days-beginning!

I'm missing the "buzz", that short-lived but seductive feeling of "power", of hyper-alertness. Now I feel as if a once bright light has been dimmed. But I've read some "Science" on caffeine and of its effects on the human body, and the findings concur with my experience, especially in the realms of mood and quality of sleep. It has to be done.

Put's on resolute face [jutting jaw and narrowed eyes] and bravely marches forth into a future without the "black stuff". Softly whistles John Lennons's, Cold Turkey.

I'll keep you posted.


Michelle said...

Well. Good luck with that. Who knows, I might be doing this one of these days, probably enough into the future for me not to worry about it yet.. but.. well maybe not.

You'll do fine, I'm sure.. all that so called "addiction" is probably psychological anyway.. well maybe some of it.. I think it is with me.. it's kind of a blerptis really :)

Anonymous said...

Well done! I could probably drop coffee, but I'm pretty sure I'd struggle without tea (don't use a mug anymore for tea, it's a bucket). I made a decision to drop chocolate about 2 years ago. I was never a heavy user but I suddenly thought that it had nothing going for it. I've never had any cravings since. I was, however, given a box of Maltesers as a present not too long ago. I opened the box and went 'gaga gaga'... but I'm much better now :)

It must be the right thing to do, to get rid of all of caffeine. I hope your lights come back on soon. Surely the sleepiness passes too and is replaced by you being full of beans :)

Ronald said...

Hehe! Psychological or not, I'll be glad when the ear-ache, sensitive scalp, and migraine pass - what a great day! Psychological or not.. T'urts!

Thanks both of you, Michelle and Sari, for your best wishes.

**lies in bed, all pitiful-like**

PS. And the Vila got thrashed by Newcastle, 6-0! And others think their lives are tough? Pft!

Michelle said...

I see you got the cartoon bat icon... cool :)