Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Aegean Jive

Flitting from one oceanic idyll to another can be tiresome, in the ho-hum sense. Fact. Tell me, how many days does it take before one gets tired of waking up to a canopy of clear skies and searing sun, floating on a bed of calm warm sea, ranging in colour from deep blue to turquoise? I'd say about seven.

The food was good, even great on occasion; and the people, once understood, passable, and at times, pleasant. But the great moments were those of relative solitude when, ensconced in a quieter part of the deck and accompanied by the sound of the engine thrumming as it powered its way through oncoming waves, I was gently cajoled into pleasant, semi-oblivion. The hull rose, fell, and swayed from starboard to port and then back again; a rhythmic dance; a rock and roll lullaby.

It was good, as Nirvhanas go, though I've known better. Perfection, like all else, is relative (a fact known to poets and those of an artistic bent, though forever hidden from the pedant). I can tell you, at other times, and other places, I've known my soul soar, swoop, and in orgasmic ecstasy, burst into a million pieces... I kid you not, ecstasi* every bleedin' where! But, I digress...

On this voyage I learned something of myself: I can, though not without effort, co-exist "peaceably" within a group and in confined quarters. I think though, I'll give the, "opportunity of a lifetime: a fortnight's self-catering for six in a miniature submarine", a miss.

* Neologism, of a sort.


Michelle said...

Ah... sailing on the clear blue sea.. out on the deck at sunset, sipping a red wine..

*gets wistful*

wait I haven't done that... I mean not exactly.

Yeah I can see myself longing for land after a few days of being on one of them boat things.. I felt like that after a few hours on my short overnight trips across the Mediterranean last year.. but that was just a little ferry and not a cruise ship with all sorts of stuff, but I did enjoy the being on the sea bit, and the sunset and sunrise bits.. and the.. well I didn't associate with too many people.. neither did I spend much time alone, having my traveling companion..

I'd say I'm glad you enjoyed it etc etc etc but, as with most of the things you write.. I'm not all that sure...

perhaps you should take a holiday to a land place next time though, just for a change :)

Anonymous said...

Seven days, huh? How long could you take solid gray skies? I'd say about a day, two at best. We get those for weeks sometimes, especially at winter time. I don't know why people always complain about the British weather. It's superb. It changes every half an hour. I love it. I admit I'm not too keen on the horizontal rain but it never lasts that long anyway.

As for the miniature submarine...I'd give it a miss too. A quick trip for few hours in one would be great, but a fortnight with 6 people? I don't think so. It could make a great film though: '6 go mad in a submarine'.

Anonymous said...

Ronald, you comment whore you! I am one too.
Were you on that sailing trip with me off the coast of Florida back in 1991? I was over it by day three.
Perhaps if you had been there, I might have enjoyed myself more.

Your words flow my friend. Lovely, beautiful, poetic, damn funny.
Keep it up! And I'll keep commenting.

Ronald said...

Michelle I'm thinking of Tibet for next year. What do you think?

Sari Yes, I know we complain here about the weather but I'd hate to be an eskimo like you, having to put up with little daylight for months on end. And if that's not enough you have to cope with Polar Bears, Kangaroos, and all those suicidal people too. Grin.

PAMO Blush. I feel so bad about whoring myself, but what am I to do? You're so appreciative of what I do I just have to have the fix! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are a pest those suicidal people. There are no accidents here, you know. People THROW themselves into the road gladly to escape this hideousness!

And the lack of light, that's no longer a problem. A Finnish company came up with these little lights that you stick into your ears and it shines a bright light directly into your brain which then thinks it's light and all is well. So, if that doesn't ease your depression, at least everyone else is having a good laugh :)

Ronald said...

Sari You are one comical bugger. I can't stop chuckling here. Thanks.

Maundering mutterer said...

Aha! It sees the light! I recall a previous publishing of this piece after which it was rapidly removed. I thought it a shame. I'm glad that you've returned to it and now find it as good as I do!

Ronald said...

MM Yes, you're absolutely correct, I did publish it briefly some time ago, but shortly afterwards, I felt so self-conscious about it, I withdrew it. Now I'm learning not to be so self-critical. Thanks ever so for the comment.