Monday, 17 May 2010

Stick it in, at your peril...

Revelation: I can be stupid. Yes, it's true, there's no use in protesting (do I hear strains of, "no way... tell me it's not true!") I'm confessing to an dumbness that ranks amongst the best of the blunderers.

In this life, it's an asset to have the commonsense not to go poking your hands, fingers, head, or anything else, into a slot, hole, or any opening in which you're not sure of: a) it's appropriateness or, b) of what lies inside. Today, my blunder is of the former sort - why on earth I blithely stuck it in, I don't know, but I regret it now, and I have to pay the price.

Hands up all of you who are aware of slot-loading cd drives, as opposed to the drawer kind? And hands up all of you who are aware of smaller, 80mm cds, as opposed to the standard 120mm? Well, let me tell you, nay, warn you... don't go poking your little disc into the slot kind... you'll be disappointed. It will go in, but that's all. No whirring, no humming, no playing, no nuttin! It's as if it "doesn't touch the sides"! So, how can you expect an appropriate response? But it gets worse - the damn thing, though it slides in all too smoothly and easily, it cometh out not!

Good news, my My 12" Apple Powerbook continues to work, but future cd-ripping to itunes is threatened. To resolve the problem, I've an appointment with the "tecchies" at the local Apple Store, "Genius Bar".

I'll feel like the small boy in the doctor's surgery, you know the one, he's there to have the glass marble removed, the one deeply embedded in his nostril.



Michelle said...

Ah.. machines. I've had a fair chunk of problems with them myself. I'd write in detail about them too but I never have enough information on what exactly happened to write about it accurately, well actually I do, and it's even accurate in the "something happened to something sense"...

well anyway you have the means to get proper clever people to look at it so the problem should get solved soon enough.

Michelle said...

Oh and the title.. pure genius. Still looking forward to the one about pissing on chips though :)

My word verification is dismsc. Is that a sign or something?