Sunday, 16 May 2010

Hot Stuff

Today, Sunday, I spent a few hours in the City Centre. Time was, "back in the day", this was a regular haunt. Then, many of my blog posts were conceived during the time spent sitting in my favourite coffee shop, The Coffee Republic, and the period relaxing on the sofas provided in Waterstones Bookstore. An age ago it seems.

I failed to get inspired. However, I did perspire; though not due to the weather, although it was warm; instead, the perspiration was due to the exceptionally large hot-dog complete with fried onions and smattering of West Indian Hot Pepper Sauce.

I've little else to say. Most of my thoughts are dull, personal, and way too abstract to be of interest here. It's a confidence issue. I need to wrest myself out of my head and get back into the real world. Not for the sake of the blog, but for the sake of my sanity. Still, baby steps, eh?

Next week, I'm going to mix Pepper sauces. Is there no end to my derring-do?


Michelle said...

Ah.. the real world. I remember that.. or am I just imagining it? *ponders for a bit*

I need to do that too.. as it happens. For my own general sake but for the blog as well.. as I.. which you may relate too.. have nothing to write about. All this time to live vicariously through the internet and the option to make my own mark on it and I've nothing to write about.. not having a life.. just not fair.

Oh well.. it's a bit rekature.. if you decide that word means *that manner of being* "that" being whatever we.. or just me was talking about.

Ronald said...

Seems to me your life is a social whirl compared to mine. It's all relative aint it!

Oh well, keep on keepin' on, and I'll do the same.

Michelle said...

Perhaps.. I do tend to embellish the small so called events I write about :)

But I'll keep on keepin on..

Ronald said...

It's the 'embellishment' that matters. It's not the events so much as how we talk about them. I'd do well to remember that.