Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Buying oblivion!

In one day, I purchased a new pocket-camera and an Apple Ipad. In retrospect I'm wondering why. I own a perfectly functional (meeting all of my photographic needs) Panasonic with 10x zoom, so why purchase a Samsung, similar in most respects, apart from extra magnification at 15X? And the Apple ipad? If you're not familiar with this device, imagine, it's larger than a cellphone but smaller than a netbook computer. It may have a greater data-input capability than the phone, but that only has value if used out and about and frequently, for
blogging, lengthy emails, and the like.

I'm the victim of that common but futile attempt to fill a void in one's life by purchasing "stuff". Some folks eat, some become manic, and others, like myself, buy gadgets. We're all trying to do the same thing though, that is, take our mind off what's bothering us.

I hope to resolve my life-crisis soon... before it bankrupts me!


Michelle said...

I think it's just that there's so many gadgets out there that you have to try them. Why do they keep making these new things.. why?

Doesn't affect me. Can't afford anything new so I don't ever buy them. I'm still trying to resolve the "don't have a comp.. (well not really, not one that works.. not one that connects to the internet and etc etc etc..)" problem. Nevermind these new fangled things that seem to be either a phone or a computer or somehing in between but are all called something different. I don't even have an ipod..

Ronald said...

It's a common phenomena which at it's mildest amounts to mild 'retail therapy', but in severe cases, you hear of people doing the damdest things. For me, the worst kind of reaction would be to over-eat. Shudder!