Wednesday, 30 December 2009

From the eastern sky it came....

It's always my intention to say something profound, something interesting, or humorous... but sadly I don't have profound, interesting, or humorous thoughts.... but still, why let such minor deficiencies prevent productivity ? The show, as they say, must go on!

This year has, on reflection, been cack/cac/kack/shite/shitty (delete to suit). Not that I'm going to dwell on the setbacks, the losses, or other negative aspects... instead, I shall endeavour to look for the positive.

[ thinks... ]

[ thinks some more... ]

Things reached such a pitch, I was forced to look inside myself. I gained insight. The future looks rosier.

Happy New Year!

PS. It snowed last night. Not the crisp, powdery sort, that when trodden on, compacts in a most delicious and satisfying way... no.... this is less substantial, bordering on the watery - slush disguised as snow! I suspect it's a cheap foreign import (probably from Shanghai) unlike the "made in Britain" variety I knew as a child. Sigh.


Michelle said...

A post! A real live post! Glad to hear from you. I wouldn't worry so much about not having anything "profound" or "clever" or "original" or "deep" or "insightful" or "amusing" or "interesting" to say. Say it anyway! That's what I do.

um.. *thinks perhaps that wasn't the best description for oneself*

but seriously, every mere thought from a great thinker such as yourself is, in it's own way, important and deep and stuff. S'true.

Sorry to hear about your tough year but we're getting a new one and there's always a chance it will get better so.. *drinks* and it's fun to celebrate these things.

It snowed here too. Then it rained. Oh well.

Michelle said...

My word verification word was "unbali". I that perhaps a place you go where it snows a lot? But not that nice powdery snow you knew as a child (not me personally, doesn't snow where I grew up) but the wet slushy kind?

The word verification for this one is "oblitif" in case you're interested.